Mariano Sapia

dscn7814On Saturday, May 2nd, Argentine artist Mariano Sapia visited ProyectArte and led a discussion with the students and graduates about the historical links between the existence and practice of fine arts.
The exchange was energetic and obviously raised more questions than it answered: why does art exist? is art necessary? for whom? for what? is art the result of individual or collective expression? does art reflect only intrinsic aspects of the individual artist who produces it or is it a synthesis of key moments of their era? can anyone be an artist? who is an artist? who defines what is an artist? are all artistic expressions equally valid? are there established and objective criteria to define what is art and what is not? what is the relationship between art and the emotional impact on the observer?
Mariano stimulated the young artists to reflect and to think boldly about the practices of artists in different times. The participants enjoyed the discussion and later continued the debate among themselves.
And of course while none of the questions raised were resolved that night, ProyectArte’s aspiring artists  will continue to find their own ways of answering these difficult questions as they continue their studies at ProyectArte.