Extension Program

The Extension Program offers other educational alternatives to both students and graduates and, in some cases, to the general public. It is organized in four sections:

IMG_9507Encounters with Guests

Twice a month, the Gallery is turned into an auditorium where professionals from the local art scene are invited to share their experiences with students and graduates. In choosing the professionals to come and speak, the aim is to provide students with a panorama that helps them identify the different roles in the contemporary art circuit: artists, gallerists, collectors, critics, curators, directors of art institutions and specialists in technical fields such as installation, lighting, conservation, etc. The talks are open to current and former students (students and graduates) and the general public. International professionals may also be invited to give talks.

IMG_2281Courses on New Technologies

Throughout the year, a series of week-long courses are held at the Media Library. They are aimed at offering an initial approach and a greater understanding of the use of digital technologies in artistic creation. The teachers who give these courses are specialists in audiovisual media and digital art; each of them offers a different approach which together provide the tools necessary for the students to incorporate technology resources in their own production.

IMG_6626Follow-Up Meetings

Due to young graduates’ need for continuity and growth , and in the hope that once students have finished the Education Program, they will further their knowledge and develop projects in new spheres, the School offers graduates free support and personal counseling. The Follow-Up Meetings are aimed at orienting students in the search for new educational opportunities (studio classes with artists, crits, seminars, university programs, residencies, etc.) both in Argentina and abroad, while providing them with specific information that could prove useful in terms of entering art institutions and the art market. Students have to sign up in advance for the weekly Follow-Up Meetings, which are held in the Media Library.

2141_4679601077113_1834641675_nActivities in the Community
The School also organizes and co-produces a series of activities that are geared not only to students and graduates but also the general public. This includes joint projects with other non-profit organizations (community organizations, NGOs, foundations, etc.). Depending on the characteristics of each activity, the meetings are held at the Studio, the Media Library, the Gallery, or another location outside the School.