Miguel González

ProyectArte’s Graduate Program has opened new spaces open for the discovery of original creative processes

Last Wednesday, March 23rd, ProyectArte’s Graduate Program began at the newly opened Space for Developing Projects, coordinated by reknowned artist, Leonel Luna. As part of the space’s inauguration, we organized an event with Miguel González, an Austrian artist and a resident artist at La Paternal Espacio Proyecto. González came to ProyectArte to present some of his own works. Some of the themes in his work include the presence of common people acting as storytellers and as bearers of doubt and shadows. González also spoke about the demystifing of symbols in his art.

These forums for discussion between young people and other artists and arts institutions aim to create ties with the artistic world, that will in turn allow for the discovery of new creative processes which are applicable to the personal projects of the students of ProyectArte’s Graduate Program.