Rosana Schoijett

On Friday we kicked off the 2015 cycle of talks with invited guests! Our guests are members of the world of art and culture here in Buenos Aires with valuable stories to share and we are honored to receive them at the school. We opened the new cycle with a visit from photographer Rosana Schoijett, whose work and history were fascinating. Thank you, Rosana!

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Additionally, here is a write-up of the visit by Sofia LeBlanc, our volunteer at Casa Escuela. Enjoy!

Our first visit of the year was from photographer and multimedia artist Rosana Schoijett. Last Friday, Rosana took us through her career from its beginnings. As a vegetarian, her earliest photographic ventures took us to the butcher shop, where she documented the grisly killing of animals. She explained to us that her choice of subjects is quite personal, and considers each an investigation that helps her to answer pressing questions and understand different realities. “The camera permits its holder to pass through impassable spaces,” she told us. 

The students identified with stories Rosana shared of her dreams and struggles as a young artist, as she took advantage of opportunities to observe and learn from more experienced photographers and sought to make a living following her passion.   

Determined to live independently and work as a photographer, she took a job in an editorial, where she worked for about ten years as a photojournalist. This allowed her to live her dream of traveling and taking photos, and also inspired a series of photographs that we were particularly enthralled by, in which Rosana turned the camera onto herself and entered the frame with the subjects she had been photographing. She posed with subjects ranging from TV personality Susana Giménez to Argentine vice president Amado Bodou. We were captivated by these “fan photos” (as some appeared to be), and the vulnerability produced by the insertion of the traditionally unseen photographer into the visible space shared by her subjects. 

Some of Rosana’s latest work has included experimentation with collage and with images created using magnets. She uses antique papers and images and is intrigued by the opaqueness or transparency of the resulting collage, often using backlighting to create silhouettes and expose the multiple layers of the image. Our students were not only inspired by her talent and versatility, but also gained valuable insight into the creative process and growth of a professional artist. Thank you for a wonderful talk, Rosana! 

Sofía LeBlanc